What should be paid attention to when using non asbestos gaskets
  • Date:2023-03-08
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1. Use suitable gaskets according to the type of operating medium and specific working conditions. During selection, the main consideration should be given to the corrosion characteristics and permeability of the medium, as well as the service pressure and temperature of the gasket. For non asbestos gaskets with similar performance and different rubber binders on the same surface of the reinforcing fiber, the rubber grade of the asbestos rubber plate with long-term use experience can be referred to when selecting them.

2. Carefully study the product sample instructions and provide data. Due to the fact that the test conditions of the data source and the on-site operating conditions may not be completely consistent, it is necessary to make a judgment based on experience. If necessary, the gasket supplier should be consulted.
3. Non asbestos fiber rubber sheets should not be used for highly toxic, flammable, and explosive media.

Gasket use is a relatively complex task. On the one hand, no one gasket can fully meet different usage requirements. At this time, it is necessary to select a gasket whose main performance meets the sealing requirements under this working condition, that is, to meet the main usage requirements. On the other hand, there are often several types of gaskets that are suitable for the same application. In addition to comparing the necessary technical performance indicators, cost factors should also be considered. Generally speaking, compared to asbestos rubber gaskets. When selecting asbestos free gaskets, try to choose gaskets with a high performance ratio.

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